Payment Methods

For your convenience you can choose to pay for your purchases by cash or by bank deposit.

Τhe prices quoted include VAT.

Until full payment of the price, the goods remain in the ownership of the seller company.

According to Tax Law 3842/2010 Article 20 § 3 “Taxes of a total value of five hundred (500) euros or more, issued for the sale of goods or the provision of services to individuals, shall be paid by their recipients, purchasers of the goods or services, by bank account and by check. Payment of these items in cash is not allowed. Banks may not charge fees for depositing such amounts into bank accounts. "Therefore orders over EUR 500 including taxes and other charges will have to be deposited with the account. We will contact you for the exact order for each order with a deposit payment option. The lower transaction threshold as of 1/1/2012 will be five hundred (500) euros.

Shipping methods

For your convenience, your order can be shipped with the following:

Send us to your place (for areas within Attica) by phone contact with us.

Shipping by ELTA

Shipping to your destination by courier / freight of your choice.

Receipt from our store.

Orders remain available for delivery up to 15 calendar days after they are placed. If the order cannot be completed (indicative of: impossibility of communication, failure to receive the product, unavailability of the requested product) and upon expiry of that deadline, the order will be canceled without prior notice .

In special cases shipping of products and orders (eg high volume and / or weight) there may be an additional shipping charge and shipping may be by other means. We will contact you about these specific cases and inform you before shipment.

Once your order collection has been completed you will be notified by e-mail of receipt of your order. Please bring your order number with you when you arrive.

Product Delivery Time:

Orders placed in our system and provided the product is available are normally delivered in 1-2 days in Athens. For the other regions the delivery varies accordingly and can take up to 4 business days. In areas designated as inaccessible by courier companies, delivery times may be different.

Shipments are made daily (Monday to Friday). There are no holidays, days when our central warehouse is closed for inventory and weekends.

For orders with products that are not readily available but upon order, we will contact you to inform you of the time of delivery of the products. Customers must check the packaging intact when ordering. Damaged or broken products are not covered by warranty and should not be picked up.

Product Return - Right of Withdrawal

If the product is defective, the refund is based on the DOA policy applicable to each manufacturer.

Because some manufacturers provide customer support, it is important to contact your warranty provider. Contact us for more information about the warranty provider, contact details of the warranty provider, DOA return policy, and DOA policy.

If the product is different from the one you ordered, you may return it within ten (2) business days of purchase. Return of the product, in this case, can only be done when the product is in its original state and in full original packaging and has not been opened.

Shipping costs are covered by & in case the product is returned because it is different from what you ordered from our mistake. In all other cases the shipping costs are borne by you.

After returning and after the product has been tested, we credit you with all of your money.

After Sales Service

Feel free to contact us on +306979208107 for your after sales service. Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (excluding public holidays), choosing our commercial or technical department as appropriate.

Shipment of your order means full acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.

The Athens Courts are responsible for any dispute. The contract is governed by Greek law.